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Support a child in our girl's home for one month - Shaina.

Support a child in our girl's home for one month - Shaina.

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Shaina's mother participated in Children Uplift Programme's training programme and started to work at Basha Enterprises. At one point, she didn't pay her rent, and was evicted from her home. Her family was taken into CUP's emergency night shelter. It became increasingly clear that Shaina's mother was lazy and more interested in trying to use her children to make money than to work herself. Shaina, therefore, has remained in the girl's hostel. A number of times staff have been concerned that Shaina's mother is arranging an illegal child marriage for Shaina so her home visits are monitored and we have sought legal support to protect Shaina.

Our girls' home takes at-risk girls off of the streets of Dhaka and provides shelter, a safe learning environment and resources otherwise unavailable to these young women. 

By donating to Friends of Basha, you can help us provide essential programmes that help women and children escape exploitation. Together we can help women and children find freedom and dignity.

Thank you so much for joining our cause. 

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