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Provide food and tutoring in our daycare for one month - Safia's story.

Provide food and tutoring in our daycare for one month - Safia's story.

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Safia is thirteen years old. She was living in the village with her grandparents where she had to cook and clean for the family and wasn't attending school regularly. At first she wasn't interested in studying; she was addicted to gul (a smokeless tobacco) that suppressed her appetite and made it hard for her to concentrate. Now Safia is gaining weight and enjoying her studies. She is making Basha jewellery a few hours a day as well which helps her family meet all the education costs of their three children. Safia is happy that she is a safe environment unlike where she was previously, and looks forward to more schooling. With structure, support for her education, and some earnings of her own, her future is much brighter. 

Our daycare provides a loving, supportive environment for children whose mothers are training or working as artisans with Basha. We supply nutritious snacks, educational toys and caring socialization for kids who may have never had such an environment to thrive.

By donating to Friends of Basha, you can help us provide essential programmes that help women and children escape exploitation. Together we can help women and children find freedom and dignity.

Thank you so much for joining our cause. 

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