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Provide job training for one woman. Maaryam's story.

Provide job training for one woman. Maaryam's story.

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Maaryam was around 14 years old when she got upset with her family and ran away from home to visit an aunts house. Some boys on the bus were harassing her but the police thought she was a call girl and took her to prison. When she was released from prison, a man promised to take her to her aunts house. He kidnapped her and held her captive in a brothel for three years. She managed to escape the brothel, but found that her family would not accept her back. Maaryam went to the large brothel in town on her own in order to afford food and shelter. She recently left the brothel and wants to learn how to do a job she can be proud of. 

Our training programme provides counselling, support, and the skills a woman needs to rebuild her life. She receives an allowance so she can focus on her training and find stable housing if she doesn't have a safe place to live. Women in our program receive the level of training needed; learning to write her name, basic literacy, or computer classes. She will learn to make Basha products and always has the option of Basha employment. She is prepared and supported to step into new opportunities for herself and for her family.

By donating to Friends of Basha, you can help us provide essential programmes that help women and children escape exploitation. Together we can help women and children find freedom and dignity.

Thank you so much for joining our cause. 

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