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Women we Serve

Women leaving exploitative situations can't just get a job. The years of trauma have taken their toll. Their ways of dealing with others often needs to change drastically and they are extremely vulnerable to further exploitation. There are also stigmas that are impossible to erase in this highly conservative culture. 

Our training program provides women time to heal as well as receive training that will last a lifetime.  Receiving a monthly allowance allows women to completely cut ties with their abusers and begin to learn the skills to sustain themselves.  Women in our program are able to reorient their lives while focusing on healing and rebuilding a sense of self.

Training includes basic literacy, basic English, life skills, values, conflict resolution, health and hygiene, and creating one of a kind Basha products. This education will continue daily throughout her career at Basha, but for this six months in our training program, she is allowed time wholly dedicated to reclaiming her life.

Donate today and help support these strong women.