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Children we Serve

We work hard to make sure women and families have the support and encouragement they need to successfully rebuild their lives. We built a daycare programme and girls' hostel to make sure that these children don't face the same vulnerabilities and exploitation that led their mothers to us. Many children come to us malnourished and not enrolled in school. Some were fending for themselves on the streets, working long hours or sold to a brothel as children themselves. 

When you've been born on the streets or in a brothel, or you've been orphaned or abandoned, you have much to overcome. When you see the spark and tenacity in these children's eyes, you'll want to join us to help them succeed.  


Friends of Basha's daycare programme provides daily educational activities and tutoring catered to the age of the child. Children receive healthy, high protein snacks twice a day in addition to meals with their families.  We've seen immediate improved school performance and reduced illness due to the increased nutrition these kids receive in our care. 

Friends of Basha also runs a hostel for girls who used to fend for themselves on the street. Girls come to us from a variety of backgrounds - some are orphaned and have no families, others have families that are unsafe for some reason, and some have lived in exploitation unimaginable to most of us.  We work to provide these girls with a safe, caring and stable home-like environment.  The hostel serves as a beacon of hope to many of these girls and girls we have yet to serve.  To see these strong, well adjusted young women make strides in academics and life skills is an honour and a privilege.